When you first see one of these bad boys, your first reaction is to probably think, “pollution.” Everybody has that first initial response to thinking that any smoke stack is what is killing the planet, or even worse, the cause to global warming. Power plants do put off a large amount of gases, that can be harmful to our health and the environment. However, in Morgantown that isn’t the case anymore.

Back in 2011, Longview Power Plant was commissioned, being of the ‘newest, cleanest, most efficient coal-fired power plant.’

What makes Longview more efficient, is that this plant releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, when compared to other power plants. Longview produces a percentage of its power by using natural gases. Not only does using natural gas provide a cleaner way for producing heat and electricity, it also is more economically friendly.

It doesn’t stop there though. Longview also announced that it plans to launch solar power panels, beginning in 2022. While WV falls behind when it comes to natural gas power plants, this will put the wild and wonderful state one step closer to becoming more green. The idea that a power plant that is used for electricity and heating is able to produce those usages with a solar panel and more natural gases, is every eco-friendly lover’s dream.

While this is a big step for the use of power in the state of West Virginia, hopefully it can bring other states to using more efficient fuels for their plants as well. By helping clean up these plants;  these plants can help us clean up our Earth.



2 thoughts on “Longview Power; In For The Long Run

  1. I did a lot of work covering smoke stacks when I interned at WTAP News last summer, and I always saw them as dirty and outdated. It’s refreshing to read that these power plants have the ability to be so energy-efficient and clean. Are all newer smoke stacks this efficient?

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  2. I found this post very interesting and I am glad that West Virginia is taking the steps to becoming a more eco friendly state. Everyday driving towards Evansdale Crossing I see a huge smoke stack and I always think to myself “When are those things gonna disappear?” I look forward to seeing alternative methods in the future.

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