easter-egg-hunt.jpgby Brianna Herscher

As the seasons changes from winter to spring, Easter inches up closer in closer. When you think of Easter you think of chocolate bunnies and maybe stuffed ducks, but what about live ones?

animal house

In Morgantown, Animal House, a pet store on High Street, offers a period of the time every year during April where they allow the renting of ducks. Lets address the first problem with this, the safety of the ducks.

Many of the people who are renting these ducks are college students who for the most part don’t have the adequate time, or space to raise these ducks properly. In my first year at West Virginia University the dorm I stayed in had so many students secretly keeping these ducks that we had to have our RA’s otherwise known as resident assistants conduct daily room checks.

Now thinking about how a dorm is set up, besides the obvious insufficient living space, according to purelypultry.com , ducks should live outdoors, have access to grassy areas and ponds or wading pools for cleaning and swimming purposes. All of which a dorm or a student living in a dorm cannot provide their pet duck.

So what if you don’t live in a dorm should you still rent a pet duck? The short answer, NO. During Animal House’s annual duck sale in 2016, a West Virginia University student purchased two pet ducks by the names of Goose and Maverick.

The student seemed to take care of Goose and Maverick at first and even gave them walks around campus with a leash. However things took a dive into the deep end of the pond when the student decided to grill Goose and Maverick.


TheOdysseyOnline.com wrote that while yes some people do eat ducks, they do not eat domesticated ducks. Not only did this student decide to grill her pets but also decided to post it on social media. TRIGGER WARNING the images seen might be sensitive to some viewers.

So if you’re not a college student should you still get a pet duck and give it to a kid for Easter?

Children tend to be very strong handed although not intentional, this can still be harming or even fatal for the ducks. Even my niece still struggles with petting her beagle softly rather than pushing down hard.

Not to mention that ducks often can carry diseases which would not be ideal to bring around a child whose immune system is generally weaker than an adults.

Although Easter is supposed to be a time for Easter egg hunts and may

be the occasional family gathering, if you still want to focus on seeing a live duck, try an alternative option to renting a pet like visiting a pet farm. Especially if you can’t ensure that duck a high quality life it’s best you let the duck be a duck in it’s own habitat. 



6 thoughts on “Morgantown’s Ducks are NOT all in a Row

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about the ducks getting eaten, that’s insane! I definitely think the only people who should own ducks are people who can actually care for them, but honestly, I don’t think you should own one unless you live on a farm. I could understand maybe a business renting one, for a promotion or something but it’s just crazy to imagine kids who can’t take care of themselves have a pet at all.


  2. I remember my freshman year a lot of students were renting these ducks and keeping them in their dorms… but once they got caught there was a price to pay. I was shocked they even let students take the ducks considering they knew their living conditions were not for a duck.


  3. Thank you for writing this! It is something that has always bothered me about college students is the lack of care they take with pets. A dog and cat in college is one thing but I think it is unfathomable how someone would think that getting a DUCK or rabbit in college would be okay, especially in a party environment.


  4. Brianna,
    I remember hearing about the news of the student eating their pet ducks. I thought that was a terrible thing to do. I don’t think the animal house should be able to rent these ducks especially not to college kids when 80% of us don’t even have adequate housing for the animals.


  5. My freshman year in the dorms, my roommate and I used to joke about bringing her cat to live with us and hiding her during room checks. But we never actually did it, because we knew that because of our lifestyle as students, we couldn’t really be good pet owners. I wish more students would grasp that — especially with animals like ducks, who are not meant to live inside. And then that girl grilled her pet duck! That’s crazy to me. Going from loving an animal as a pet to grilling and eating it is absolutely nuts.


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