Lil Dicky is a singer/song writer that is notorious for coming out with goofy, not-so-serious music. This past week, he followed his normal trend of releasing a comedic tune, but the song had a serious message behind it.

“Earth” is a cartoon music video where Lil Dicky tells the audience about how much we love the earth and everyone and everything on it. But the main focus is to call attention to Climate Change. Within the lyrics of the song, he discusses that we only have 12 years to change out habits as a society before we see serious, permanent affects to the earth and all the profits from the song are going straight to charity. The song is filled with an all-star cast. Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are just a few of many celebrities featured. Dicky leave off with encouraging viewers to visit to learn more information and donate.

With a large group of influencers, the message built so directly into the lyrics, and the comedic aspect, it’s the perfect platform to get people aware, which is exactly what he did.

West Virginia is seeing the affects on climate change. Within the last century, majority of the state has warmed up to almost one degree.  One degree may not sound like much, but if we continue to let our climate rise, we will see direct effects such as flooding and health issues. If we don’t make a change, here’s what could happen to our almost heaven.

There has been an increase in precipitation ever since the beginning of the 20th century. Flooding is not a foreign concept to West

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Virginia. In 2016, the state saw the deadliest flood in West Virginia history, and the deadliest flash flood in the nation. It’s estimated that the average precipitation will continue to rise during the winter and spring. This, combined with rising temperatures will intensify flooding.

Health issues can arise due to the heat of some summer days.  Hot days cans be unhealthy and dangerous for everyone, but especially children and the elderly.  The air quality can be harmed due to the rise in temperature. Longer growing seasons means more pollen resulting in allergies, and ground level ozone, a key component of smog, will increase the hotter it gets.  The more the climate changes, the harder it will be to clean the air.

The affects go beyond just flooding a health issues such as

Lil Dicky

ecosystems, recreation, and farms.

What can West Virginia Do? We need to drop our greenhouse gas pollution, and burning coal is a huge part of that. Our state is the second largest producer of coal and by reducing how much we burn, could significantly help our climate.

Hopefully Lil Dicky’s message will get people talking and taking action so we can live a longer, healthier life on earth.

4 thoughts on “Lil Dicky Speaks Out on Climate Change: Here’s Why West Virginians Should Listen

  1. When this music video came out I was so excited I have now shared it with so many people. I love the use of all the famous people who have such an effect on people to use them for something bigger. What a fun way to bring attention to a bigger problem. Great visual aspects to this post and lots of good links throughout the piece. Great job!

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  2. I am so glad your blog wrote about this song. I saw it on my twitter and thought what could this even be about. The way he was able to get all of these famous people on one song and no one even knew a thing about it was amazing. It’s crazy that climate change and the effect we have on the earth has gotten so serious, but even back int he old Disney Channel days Mitchell Musso was singing about it. I really wish people could see that we have to do something to change.

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  3. I lowkey am singing this song under my breath or in my head at all times. But that makes me realize how smart it is to make such a catchy beat (and one with so many celebrities in it) so that when you hear it or think about it, you want to recycle or pick-up trash or something haha. I think you did a great job of turning something we have all been talking about nationally and apply it to the WV scale. Really nice work as always Gillian!


  4. This was a great idea for a post!! Lil Dicky has been making great stuff for years now. Its great to see not only he is getting this exposure, but his actual message as well. Of course having sooo many celebrities has helped with the exposure but the fact that the song, I think, is quite catchy shows a lot more.


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